Kneeling with Giants

Hansen separates the wheat from chaff. He discovers valuable nourishment in each of their approaches to prayer ... It achieves what few others dare. Hansen goes a long way toward bridging the gap between doctrine and faith. And he does it with simplicity and an invitational spirit.
The Presbyterian Outlook best experience of leading an adult ed class, and so much of that is due to your book. It is really at the right level for my congregation: well written and engaging history that many of them have never encountered before, plus practical descriptions of how to pray.
Matt Wright

Love Your Bible

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Best modern introduction to 'Lectio Divina'

To obtain the most from this resource, you simply cannot just read the words on the page but must put them into practice. Fortunately, this book is slim enough to keep with your Bible, perhaps tucked into your Bible cover, to refer to often.
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Heidelberg Catechism Participant’s Book

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With great success, we used Gary Neal Hansen’s study of The Heidelberg Catechism in a year-long presbytery study of the new translation ... the study provided us the first opportunity in many years to 'do theology' together in a careful, sustained, respectful and dialogical way. I highly recommend it for adults who want better to understand the faith of the church.

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