Why Easter Eggs? My “AHA!” Moment

By Lubap at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 2.5]

Ever since I was a kid, long before I had much of an active Christian faith, I wondered: Why do we use eggs to celebrate Easter? Why Easter Eggs? It is not at all obvious. There is only one mention of eggs in the whole New Testament, and it isn't about Easter. Unless we paint Christian symbols on them, what do they have to do with the resurrection? Not that there is a … [Read more...]

Lent 4: On Sex, and Being a Seaworthy Ship

A Ship in Stormy Seas, 1625, Cornelis Verbeeck, public domain

Like food, sexual activity is necessary for survival. But while food is needed for each individual, in the case of sex the need is for the species. Nobody, as they say, ever actually died of chastity. The understanding of many Christian centuries that chastity is actually better for you may seem at least foreign. In our society we equate sexuality with identity, often without … [Read more...]

Lent 3: Food as Food

Apple a day, Patrick McFall, used under cc license

Evagrius Ponticus (d. 399), the great Desert Father with whom I'm spending this Lent has a  has a way of pointing out obvious things that I’ve spent a very long time not noticing: biblically speaking, food has a long history of getting us into problems. Desire for food gave birth to disobedience and a sweet taste expelled from paradise.” You know, when you look at … [Read more...]

Lent 2: Lenten Fasting and My Potato Chip Problem

Closer! Marcelo Alves, cc license

Once upon a time, a marketing genius thought up a great slogan for Lay’s potato chips: Betcha can’t eat just one.” My waistline has testified to the truth of this for decades. They are right. I can’t. My conversation partner for Lent, the great Desert Father Evagrius Ponticus, had the same insight back in the fourth century: If you give yourself over to the desire … [Read more...]

My New Book! “Love Your Bible” is HERE!


I am THRILLED to announce that my new book, Love Your Bible: Finding Your Way to the Presence of God with a 12th Century Monk is now available! Love Your Bible introduces 21st century readers to classic lectio divina--an approach to Scripture that has shaped the lives of disciples for well over a thousand years. Love Your Bible invites you to a life-giving engagement with … [Read more...]

Lent: Taking Stock with Evagrius Ponticus

Compass Study by Calsidyrose, under CC license

Lent is a season for self-examination. It is not mainly about feeling guilty. It is more like a chance to check the GPS (that might be “God Positioning System" if you like acronyms) and figure out exactly where you have come and where you still have to go. We often describe this life as a spiritual journey, with the goal of returning to God. “But,” you say, “If I … [Read more...]

Saint Scholastica: Role Model for Holy Assertiveness

Saint Scholastica Praying

Christians celebrate the memory of St. Scholastica today. She's remembered primarily for the moment captured in this painting from the monastery at Subiaco. She was the sister of St. Benedict (the "Father of Western Monasticism"). Both died a bit after 540. He was a monk. She was a nun. Rules prevented them from getting out much. They could meet only once … [Read more...]

Deep Church Rising: A Book Review

Deep Church Rising on Amazon

The twenty-first century churches have a problem. Maybe more than one. We also have more than a few people providing analyses and solutions. Deep Church Rising: The Third Schism and the Recovery of Christian Orthodoxy by Andrew G. Walker and Robin A. Parry (Cascade Books, 2014; $22.00) is a helpful corrective to the culture-bound, superficial diagnoses and … [Read more...]

Best of 2014

Epic Fireworks, by Dave Carter, cc license

Recently while I've barely posted at all, a bunch of new people have subscribed to my blog. Thank you! Partly to give new readers a window into what I've been doing here, and partly as a way to think about my own blogging, here are my ten most-read posts of 2014. They fall into four categories: Answers to timeLY questions As I see it, the posts that … [Read more...]